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Kari Gueham


After a career as a lawyer in the field of human rights,


I wanted to give a new direction

to my life, install more beauty and

have a daily life connected to the living and the sacred.


Passionate self-taught, I imagine and create by hand mineral jewelry, poetic with evocative names (Antidote collection, Heroin, Venus, Divine...). 

The richness of cultures and beliefs are all sources of inspiration.


The splendours of India, the refinements of Ancient Greece or the rites of Ancient Egypt resonate with my creations

Considering minerals as incredible manifestations of the elementary forces of Nature , I sculpt pieces that challenge dogma by combining precious, fine, ornamental and organic stones. Unique and delicate jewels then come to life in complete privacy.

I use the stones as a poetry that

allows me to think and realize an ideal.

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