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The Workshop

From concept to manufacturing, a love story to create
the unique collection of mineralosophy

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My creative process

My philosophy... eco-responsible

My collections are intimate.


The limitation of stocks and production on demand are part of a global action for a new mode of reasoned consumption which is dear to me.


Added to this, I pay particular attention to the methods of extraction and the origin of my stones.


Social and environmental responsibility is an important consideration in the design and creation of my jewelry.


I work with stone hunters and recycling (purchase at auction of objects that I resize).

Worldwide delivery, free _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ in regular delivery


The value of manual work, made in France, is for me a guarantee of authenticity. »

Kari Gueham

The choice of the talisman

The relationship with stones is above all a question of intuition and very personal vibrations.


We are first attracted by its aesthetics, then by the message it transmits.


For a suitable and personalized choice,

each "revelation" of talisman is above all preceded by exchanges with Kari.

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