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A Jewel of Intention

Mineral talismans, vibrating with chosen intentions,

to cultivate inner peace and strength.

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The concept of the jewel of intention

Mineralosophy is a philosophy of Art

where each piece is created by hand

by Kari Gueham in her Paris studio.

Each creation is invested with an intention , a power that consciously nourishes positive feelings to cultivate its inner strength .

At the crossroads between the spiritual rituals of the past and a contemporary vision of ornament , the mineralosophy talisman is energy to wear.

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“I like to recite an intention in its ritual poetics. It is not a question of repeating a sentence in a mechanical way but of giving it an authentic and personal consistency. A new luminous and triumphant self-narrative is elaborated. »

Kari Gueham

The symbolism of the talisman

Kari is inspired by the language of the visible and invisible worlds , the symbols that surround him  and challenge him

to carve his talismans.

Bijoux d'intention été.webp

I am LIGHT, 
I am perfect
that I am.

intention  •   lapis-lazuli  •  minéralosophie

Dreamlike, sensual and hieratic image, the ANGEL adorned with a ruby, arises in the hollow
from our shoulder, encourage
kindness and openness to others.

intention  •   The Angel  •  minéralosophie

Boucles d'oreilles d'intention.webp
Bijoux énergie.webp

My possibilities are endless

intention  •   jaspe Picasso  •  minéralosophie

The energy of the divine feminine
surrounds me and protects me

intention  •   pearl  •  minéralosophie

Bijoux d'intention.webp
Bijoux pouvoir.webp

I am supported by 
this power is in me

intention  •   jaspe kimbaba  •  minéralosophie

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